Double entendre – what is it?

Double entendre is French term which, when translated into English, means ‘understood in two ways’.

Double entendre can consist of a clever play on words, a sinister allusion to an opposite yet co-existing meaning, or simply anything which could be understood in two ways! It need not be rude, it can simply be witty and funny.

As is often the case with satire, double entendre can often best be displayed verbally, rather than on paper, as the tone of its delivery is a crucial part of one’s understanding of the ‘double meaning’ that is implied.

Additionally, when delivering a double entendre verbally, one can place emphasis on one of the two meanings more than the other and by doing so, one ends up with what I call a very cleverly communicated idea!

Language is a fascinating construct and each and every part of the English language can be unraveled and used with miraculous meaning and manner. This is main reason why I believe that it is of utmost importance to pay language its due diligence by teaching it with precision and purpose.

Another reason to teach English properly is that language provides the basis for all communication. As long as confusion and misinterpretation exists in the word, there will always be the need to teach language as thoroughly as it deserves to be taught.

Did you know that Shakespeare’s vocabulary is estimated to have been over 60,000 words? The average person today’s is only 20,000 – 35,000. Shakespeare simply puts us to shame.

What is your favourite Shakespeare play? My favourite of William Shakespeare’s plays is certainly Macbeth, although I must confess I do appreciate a good comedy too!

Libertas – what we are all fighting for in life, yet, equally, what we can all share.

Copyright © Natasha Poole 2023

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