Spoof! What is it?

A ‘spoof’ is almost like an impression or an imitation of another character or a piece of literature, art or film. When performed well, a spoof can leave you in stitches, as its main aim is to provide comic value.

Writing or delivering a spoof or parody of any sort requires delicacy and skill. The tone of its delivery is crucial in creating its desired comic effect and a good knack for words and language often assists with writing in this genre!

Spoof is another form of irony, as the narrator or deliverer by definition does not display any signs of being aware of their style. The audience are simply left to interpret and appreciate any intertextual references and allusions used and this is partly why spoof is such a celebrated sub-genre of comedy.

Some of my favourite examples of spoof, parody and satire include Tom Stoppard’s Dogg’s Hamlet & Cahoot’s Macbeth, Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads, and Aristophanes’ Knights.

If you fancy having a crack at writing a spoof, do send it to me and I would love to give you some feedback on your writing. Do remember to make your audience laugh! 🙂


Copyright © Natasha Poole 2022


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