Karl Marx wouldn’t fancy Xi Jinping

The essence of communism is that all property is shared and that all people are equal. The theory was founded by Karl Marx, a famous German political philosopher of the 19th century. Marx published The Communist Manifesto in the 1840s, introducing the political and social ideal to the modern world.

If you are partial to parody, satire or any of George Orwell’s works, you may enjoy reading this recent article in The Spectator Australia.

Article published on 8th May 2022, written by Natasha Poole

Satire has its origins in Ancient Greek culture. However, many famous satirists are also Roman. Juvenal and Horace are two of the most well-known Roman political satirists and they began writing over 2000 years ago!

Karl Marx wouldn’t fancy Xi Jinping

Copyright © Natasha Poole 2022


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